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So insightful! Over the last 19 months I have seen about 4 different therapists. Kristy is the first one who has really made me feel like I have a chance at improvement! She is very intuitive, insightful, honest, caring and thinks analytically (my favorite quality!). Nearly every time I leave her office, I'm left with some food for thought that I didn't have before, and it has helped me to feel like I'm tackling my issues on my own (with her guidance), which I feel is very important. I'm SUPER analysis girl!--So I feel like I generally think of everything, but she always has something to contribute that I hadn't thought of---or had, but not in the way she makes me think about it. I'd recommend her to anyone! My life has made such a turn-around. I still have progress to make, but I can finally say: things are getting better. Thanks, Kristy!
More than I can say I owe my life to Kristy Norris, or at least the rest of it. While I did not make it easy for her, it was Kristy's dedication and drive that pushed me in directions I never thought to travel and opened discoveries for me that ultimately changed my life and the lives of those around me. So thank you so much Kristy Norris, I owe you more than I can say.
TC in Kansas
Wait no longer If you're hesitant about trying therapy, I highly suggest you give Kristy a chance to speak with you. I had been trying for years to get my daughter into therapy, but she adamantly refused. I finally made her a deal, talk to Kristy one time, if you no don't want to go back, you don't have to. That was over two years, and many therapy sessions, since. My daughter is the person she was always meant to be. I have Kristy to thank for that! And yes, I see her as well. in a nutshell - life changing!
Sincerely wonderful I have been in therapy off and on for 30 years. finally I have found someone with an exit strategy and I am making progress toward it. Thanks Kristy
Words are not enough I knew I needed to return to therapy, but I had felt no improvement with previous attempts at it in the past. The first time I met with Kristy, I came to the appointment skeptical. However, I found I was able to relate to her immediately, and she to me. Kristy didn't just take a standard "clinical approach" - she listened to me and taught me new ways of looking at/ thinking about things. To deal with issues, rather than bury or avoid them. My life has changed dramatically as a result of her. Ghosts of the past are now quiet. Also, my daughter, who had lost all self esteem, had had a less than desirable result with therapy in the past. I told her if she would just see Kristy one time, I would never ask her to go to therapy again. Well, it only took one time with Kristy to convince her as well! I have my daughter back, and she has her self esteem and self confidence back. She finished high school, has a full time job, is a great mother, and is a full time college student. It takes courage to make that first appointment for therapy. Please do!